Our approach to financial services

As a leading accounting firm, founded in 2000, we provide high-quality financial services to businesses across various sectors.

Our team of experts has years of experience and a deep understanding of the financial landscape.

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Founded in 2000, our firm is dedicated to providing tailored accounting expertise to guide each company towards stability and sustainable growth. Our team of experts is committed to turning financial challenges into opportunities, thereby ensuring our clients' success. At Faber et Associés, we build more than just an accounting relationship: we establish a trusted partnership for the future of your business.

Our tools

Our alternative to Odoo is Azur by SITA Softwares.

Since 2023, we're Odoo Partner. 
We use KeyPay to calculate salaries.

A stable company starts with healthy accounting

With our customized accounting strategies, we lay the foundation for balanced and sustainable financial management. By carefully analyzing your specific needs, we support you in optimizing your financial structure for calm and controlled growth.

Let's join forces for your success.